Dim Sum Diaries

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You never realize how fragile your sense of well-being is until something happens. In our case, the power went out tonight for about 4 hours. Man, it was kind of freaky. It happened when I was cooking dinner, so the gas was on and then the lights go out...so I'm like cooking in the dark.

Hubby and I scramble to get candles, but we don't have emergency backup candles, so we ended up using the holiday ones, which is why the picture looks so festive. Then I remember I have tealights, so that is good, because we have a lot of candles and not too many candle holders.

"I have tealights in the drawer!" I exclaim to Hubby.

He opens the drawer and finds a bag of like 100 tealights. "Where did you get these from?" he asks.

"From Crate & Barrell. You see the label on the front of the bag? It says Crate & Barrell?" I say snarkily (to be a smart ass)

Hubby rolls his eyes and then sighs loudly when I take insist on taking pictures of our secondary lighting system. So we decide to go to my in-laws house because they have electricity.

"We could go to a movie and leave the kids there for a couple of hours," Hubby suggests.

"Sure," I reply.

But when I go to the internet at my in-laws to check movie times, I find that in-law's compy is riddled with spyware crap, so I spend the next few hours downloading the Yahoo toolbar with the spybot remover thingie and updating his anti-virus software and looking like a hero because I seem like I know what I'm doing.

Electricity is back on, finally.