Dim Sum Diaries
It has been pretty post-lite lately. Work has been so crazy ass lately and I'm still trying to adjust to the kids' school and homework schedules. Oh yeah and piano lessons for Daughter too.

So anyways, yesterday was the presidential debate. I had been so psyched for it...I wanted to see how Kerry would do against Bush, and the consensus is, Kerry won the debate. The debate started at 6 pm pst. We went out to dinner yesterday...didn't get home until 6:10...I completely forgot about the debate until like a minute before I got home. Frantically tuned into the local public radio station ...listened to a couple of minutes of it. I pulled into the driveway (Hubby got home at the same time) and I sprinted into the house and turned on the television. I stared at the tv screen...I'm sure the kids are like, why, why is Mommy acting like a crazy woman?

Hubby walks in and sits down next to me. Since he is a Republican and I am a Democrat, we would both make comments.

"That's right, John Kerry! You make Bush your bitch!" I yell at the tv.

"Kerry is a liar. He's a flip flopper!" Hubby retorts.

We both glare at each other for a moment and then go back to watching the debate. Hubby rubs my feet. :)

Then it is over. Hubby heads up to give Son a bath. For me, watching the debate wasn't as important as listening to what the spinners/pundits had to say about the debate. At least that's what I thought. But then I encounter Jessi Klein's presidential debate blog on CNN. I guess she works for VH1 and she's a comedienne. They lumped in her take along with political heavyweight Paul Begala. She was supposed to be funny, I guess. Appeal to the young 18-25 demographic. Okay, here's the thing, I don't think she was that funny. An example:

"Hands-on president?

Posted 9:47 p.m. ET

I'm just noticing that Kerry has really weird thumbs. I'm not sure America should be led by a guy with such weird thumbs. I think Bush really needs to jump on that."

I'm like, damn, I could do waaaay better then that. I could do a live blogging of the next presidential debate and totally be snarky and not that funny. So maybe I will do that. Next time...do a live blogging...I'm sure the seven readers of DSD will enjoy it...