Dim Sum Diaries

Won Ton Mein
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Dad just emailed me some pics he took of their trip to San Francisco.

Being my Dad (and being Chinese), his favorite thing to do is to take pictures of his meals before (when just served) and after (empty plate). This is especially true of wedding banquets or special events, he gets to take a photo of each and every course that is served (usually about 10-12).

Also, I think Dad likes to send pictures of excellent Chinese food to taunt me. I live in an area that absolutely sucks ass when it comes to delicious, AUTHENTIC Chinese food.

Look at what we had to eat today Mir!!! Too bad you weren't here to eat this delicious won ton mein with us!!!! And to think, all you had to do was make the 8 hour drive to San Francisco in time for dinner...

Anyways, now that the reality of being a future laid-off person is sinking in, it isn't hitting me as hard as I thought it would be. Yeah I've got to be more fiscally conservative now but I suppose it could be a door to something better. The trick is to know when to step through. Now if I could just get my writing self in gear...