Dim Sum Diaries
Well it's been another crazy weekend at Chez Mir.

It rained really hard all through Friday night. My sleepy sensors registered the fact that the rain was hella loud (in a comforting way). Then I briefly wondered how Son would react to all the ruckus, since it hasn't rained that much since he'd been born. I fall back asleep.

Sure enough, at 4:30 am, Son crept into my room.

"Mommy, it's RAINING," he intoned dramatically.

"Okay, now go back to sleep," I muttered in reply.

"Okay, Mommy."

Though apparently he didn't listen to Mommy, but proceeded to bug the hell out of his older sister until she yelled at him to leave her alone. Then he played quietly in his room until light finally dawned.


Took Daughter to play in her first soccer game. I had been volunteered as the team mom, which means I get to bring the team snacks for the first game and also be heavily involved in planning the team party at the end of the season. I felt a little ill at ease in socializing with the other parents. Mostly because it's my first time doing the group mother hen thing. And because I work (and work environment is mostly filled with being snarky with co-workers and bitching about work). Off-work hours are spent online or reading or with the family. I don't get much time socializing as a parent. I tried to make up for my ill-at-easeness by being extra perky.

"Do you need water?" I chirped to the kids every time they did a team rotation change on/off the field. During half-time and after the game, I was like,

"Would you like a fruit snack and/or juice? Are you sure? Seriously, are you sure?"

Daughter did get in some good play time though.


Sometimes I think that getting laid off is rather like a break-up or divorce. In my case, since I have a few months before the actual date, it's like I've been served with divorce papers. I alternate between trying to be positive about the coming event, sadness and also panic. I've been in this relationship for two years. I have begun to disassociate myself from it in ways. Despite all of the positive spin I try to put on it, well a better opportunity will come along, I can spend more time with the kids, I can do some seriously writing, etc etc etc, I know that when the day comes, it will still hurt a bit.