Dim Sum Diaries
What do you get when there is an unknown woman ringing your doorbell, coupled with Mir's tendency for paranoid drama? Why you get a blog entry, of course!

Chez Mir usually tries to pretend that no one is home when someone is soliciting at the door. When that unknown woman rang the doorbell, the "let's pretend we're not at home" plan was forestalled by daughter thrusting aside the curtain of the window that is by the door and saying loudly, "Hey Mommy, there's some woman at the door!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Thanks, kid. I peek out the little peep hole and I see some literature in her hand. Great, I think to myself, she's here to sell newspapers so she can go on a trip of a lifetime to the zoo or something like that.

I open the door cautiously. "Yes, may I help you?" I say in my most husky, forbidding voice.

"Yes," she replied briskly, "I'm a volunteer for the Republican party. I'm here to see Hubby."

I stared at her for a moment and she stared at me. Suddenly it was like high noon in some cheesy Clint Eastwood western. She had asked for Hubby by name. She knew that he was a Republican. And she knew that I was not. I fully expected that music that plays in the background when there is a showdown between the town sheriff and villain (it goes like woo-woo-woo-woo-woo-wah-wah-woo).

What should I say to her?

a. No, I'm not pimping out Hubby today.

b. Kerry rocks! Bush sucks!

c. All of the above.

But before I could say something pithy and brilliant that would cause her to renounce her party and join my side, she pushed a flyer into my hand and merely said, "This is a voting guide on how we think Hubby should vote. Have a nice day."

Then she quickly retreated. I was left standing there for a moment, just gazing at her back.

Sigh. I can't wait till this election nonsense is over.