Dim Sum Diaries
Ah, the kiddies are spending the night at the grandparents' house, so Hubby and I have the house to ourselves for the evening. After we get back from a nice, romantic dinner, Hubby watches tv and I putter around on the internet. After awhile I decide to go join Hubby in the family room. Mayhap he'll want to watch The West Wing with me, I think. He is raptly watching the The SciFi Channel. The movie is Octopus 2. I kid you not.

Here is the movie summary:

As bodies begin to turn up in the waters around Manhattan, one determined New Yorker deduces that the culprit is a giant killer octopus that has taken up residence. Will he be able to convince the authorities before New York Harbor fills to capacity for the impending Independence Day celebration? Michael Reilly Burke, who played the title role in 2002's acclaimed feature film Ted Bundy, stars in this film a.k.a. Octopus 2: River of Fear.

Airs Saturday, October 9, at 5PM ET/PT

The following conversation takes place during the last 10 minutes of the movie:

Mir: Let's watch the West Wing.

Hubby: Come on, this is almost done. I want to finish watching this.

Mir: (watches as giant octopus with a glowing eye rises from the ocean depths in final climatic scene) Damn, that's a giant octupus!

Hubby: Oh God, they shot the octopus and it exploded! Why didn't they just do that at the beginning of the movie?

Mir: FRIED CALAMARI FOR ALL OF NEW YORK!!!!! Happy 4th of July!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hubby: (shoots Mir a dirty look) You know that dessert I was going to make you? You can make it yourself now.

Mir: ...