Dim Sum Diaries
The following are a list of things that Mir should not do anymore.

1. When going out on a date with Hubby to a somewhat authentic British pub, do not get cocky after drinking a fourth of a pint of cider because you do not feel yourself turning your usual red. Especially don't pronounce yourself the master of your domain in terms of your drinking self, because that will cause said self to arrogantly down the rest of the glass in the misguided notion that self can handle the alcohol.

2. And after getting sloshed, do not stumble drunkenly out of pub and declare to Hubby that one wants to check out the Greek-Filipino restaurant that seems to have appeared from nowhere. Declaring that finally, a place where one can get a gyros and baloot combo being a good thing is actually not. (It was in fact, two separate restaurants/stores)

3. Also not a good idea, getting drunk and wearing sports pants in which one is not familiar with the zipperage. After heading into the movie theater, went to bathroom to wee and discovered that Mir could not in fact, unzip her pants because they were stuck.

3a. Exited the restroom and loudly whispered to Hubby that Mir could not unzip her pants.

3b. Snuck conspicuously into theater corner to have Hubby try to unzip pants...passerbys glancing at us as if we were pervs trying to get it on in the corner. Hubby is finally successful in partially unzipping pants.

3c. Snuck back into restroom holding unzipped pants, trying not to have them fall down around legs in public. Mission thus successfully completed.

4. Finally watched Shaun of the Dead, an excellent movie, then screaming loudly at every scary moment and annoying Hubby because a tipsy Mir apparently is more reactive to horror movie then sober Mir.