Dim Sum Diaries
Whoa what a morning!

It was 7:00 am.

Two hungry children creep into my room, pressing their noses against my face and staring at me until I wake up.

"Mommy, we're hungry," they chorus together.

Oh, fine. So I feed the hungry horde, stumble back to my compy (with necessary cuppa coffee) and fire it up. Check blog stats...omg! An unusually large number of peeps visiting Dim Sum Diaries via Sean! Apparently he got written about (yay Sean!) and people are visiting here via his site.

So welcome everyone! :)

Also, its a bad idea to read about blogs that blog about food when you haven't eaten breakfast yet. For example, Kottke bragging about his soup dumpling eating technique...

One of the comments made regarding his technique:

Let's see, you eat a soup dumpling by gently nibbling at the dumpling and then urgently sucking out the hot soup inside, before taking the dumpling into your mouth whole...

Nope! Not erotic at all!

So of course, that made me want to...eat Asian food for lunch... ;)

Went to market to get ingredients for aforementioned Asian lunch...bought a packet of Thai Kitchen Curry Rice Noodle Soup. To which I will add firm bits of tofu, a sprinkling of cilantro and serve with lime wedges.