Dim Sum Diaries
Its spring in Australia, and Loobylu's site redesign reflects the changing season. Kinda weird for me cuz its almost fall here. Fall reminds me of how much the kids have grown in the past year.

Son is now fully potty trained and really loving his preschool. My daughter started first grade yesterday and she absolutely loves it. Her teacher seems very nice (so my Mom says) and she has some of her classmates from Kindergarten in Room 4. She has already discovered the in status of buying hot lunches from the cafeteria (v. bringing a lunch from home). I told her she can do the hot lunch thing on Fridays, and possibly Thursdays if she is diligent about practicing the piano. Speaking of piano lessons, I think its going rather well. I remember enough from my own lessons to help her along if she needs it.

Still writing when I get the chance to. I've been much more motivated these days because I have a irl critique partner. We met last Sunday and had a nice old time sipping coffee (her) and iced tea (me). We gave each other some nice feedback on our respective manuscripts.

Probably need to go on date with Hubby this weekend to remind us we are still a couple and not just two people who live together and take care of the kids after a full day at the office.