Dim Sum Diaries
Just found these cool escape games by Toshimitsu Takagi via The SaltwaterPizza Blog.

I'm too lazy to blog about it myself, so I'm stealing the text from his entry:

In each of Takagi's games, you find yourself in a room and must discover how to escape. Your first instinct will be to walk out the door. Ahhh....but things are never as simple as they appear. In order to leave each room, you'll have to discover the correct way to interact with all of the room's objects. Don't let the simple graphics fool you into thinking the puzzles are easy. They're not. You'll spend lots of time exploring each room before finally realizing how to use all of the objects to facilitate your escape.

Three of them, baby. Have at it:

The Crimson Room

The Viridian Room

The Blue Chamber