Dim Sum Diaries
Yo, that last post was totally cool! I've known about flickr for awhile, but resisted trying it out. But now that I have, I think it totally rocks!

Just picked up a new book by Kristin Gore (Al Gore's daughter), called Sammy's Hill.

Samantha Joyce, Gore's heroine, is a 26-year-old self-deprecating health-care policy advisor to Robert Gary, a well-respected senator from her home state of Ohio. Between endless work days, a grueling campaign schedule, and frequent trips to the pet store where she seeks advice on caring for her listless Japanese fighting fish, Sammy finds time to obsess over her new boyfriend, sexy speechwriter Aaron Driver. As things heat up with Aaron, Sammy's work schedule takes on a new intensity when Gary becomes the Democratic candidate for vice president. Along the way, scandal clouds both her personal and professional life, and our heroine discovers the often salacious underbelly of life on the hill.

I've read the first chapter and it seems pretty cool so far.