Dim Sum Diaries
Imagine this scene...

The kids are at grandma's and grandpa's spending the night. This is the first weekend that Hubby and Mir have to spend alone. The possibilities for fun and excitement are endless...

And what do they do?

Why they spend the afternoon watching DIY shows like Life Laundry and House Invaders and Location, Location, Location on BBC America of course!

Also, I decide to clean the entire house!

"Hubby!" I declare, let's clean all the bathrooms. And then lets vacuum like mad."

Hubby merely grumbles under his breath.

I guess this is what happens after one has been married for almost 9 YEARS!!!

I did get a haircut that day though (short as usual) and was feeling quite sexy, so when it was time to dress for dinner, I put on some sexy jeans, a sexy black sleeveless stretch tee and some sexy black boots. The effect was quite sexy, let me assure you. We decided to drive along the coast and maybe stop at a beachside restaurant. It was very spontaneous (and therefore very unusual for us). There was this lovely little trattoria that had come highly recommended by a friend. We went there. Luckily it wasn't that busy, so we had a nice, cozy little Italian dinner.

The next day it was all about DIY. Using this Pottery Barn image as a design reference:

We finished building the window bench in the living room using the same sage green velvet to cover the foam cushion and the front of the bench.

It was a nice weekend, the only snag being that the fridge is not working properly, called a technician in to check it out.