Dim Sum Diaries
Well, my Mom and sis and various relatives went camping at Yosemite this week. Mom had been staying at chez moi for a few weeks babysitting my kids. And now that she's gone, I have to admit that I miss my mommy my daughter misses her Pou Pou (chinese for maternal grandmother).


There was an arts & crafts fair downtown today, so we strolled around after lunch. It was mostly crafty things by local artists. And as tempted as I was to get the homemade wooden animal that could fit a tissue box so that the kleenex is pointing out of said animal's ass thingy, I resisted the temptation. Also intriguing was the full blown Native American headress with accompanying dead pheasant stuck on it. I kid you not. It was a headless dead pheasant. I should've took pictures, but my Dad cruelly took his digital camera back with him back home. C'est triste. :(

Also whilst walking through the faire, my cell phone began to ring. As I had been playing around with the multiphonic ringtones earlier, I forgot that I had left it set to Britney Spear's Oops I Did It Again. Hubby gave me this whithering look, as if to say....Oh my god...you so did not download that ringtone. I defiantly flipped my phone open and gave him a look that said, Oh yes, I did. So deal with it. Your wife loves Britney Spears.

Not much writing done this weekend as have been quite brain dead from stressful week last week.