Dim Sum Diaries
Okay, so I tweaked the colors again. I hope that it is more visually pleasing. Some people were being blinded by the whiteness of it all, apparently. Sam called it the white rice and green tea look. Note to self: If self feels need to tweak colors again, this is a good guide.

Also just downloaded the Firefox browser. It seems pretty cool so far for Windows. Mayhap I'll do the same thing on my Mac at home. Mac has come out with so many new O/S's in the last year. I was planning on getting Panther, but now I hear they have the new Mac Bobcat O/S coming out at some point. So I guess I'll wait for that.

In domestic related matters, Son has now triumphed over the challenge we call potty training (#2). For two days in a row he has done it in the potty and not his Spiderman underoos. Hopefully he can keep up the good work. Daughter starts first grade at the end of August. Sometimes I wish I had a shrink ray to keep them from growing up so fast.