Dim Sum Diaries
One of my dorky co-workers sent me a joke email this morning...

A guy is speeding down a highway and he gets pulled over. The cops says, "You were speeding." The guy says,"No, I wasn't,I was going slow." The guy's wife in the passenger seat says,"Yes,he was,Officer,He was speeding the whole time."The guy glares at his wife and says,"Shut up!" Cop says,"I see you don't have your seat belt on,May i ask why?" Guy says,"Well, I saw you were about to pull me over to ask for my license,so i took it off and got out my wallet." Guy's wife says,"No,Officer, He's had the seat belt off the whole time." The guy says to his wife,"What the hell is wrong with you?" The cops leans over to the wife and ask,"Is he always this nasty?"The wife says,"Only when he's drunk."

I read it and had a laugh. Then a light bulb went off in my head and I jumped up and ran over to aforementioned co-worker's cube.

"Oh my god," I said.

"What?" he said, somewhat alarmed.

"You know that joke you just sent me? Its from a speech that James Carville gave awhile ago!"

"Oh," he said. He gave me a side look. "That's nice."

I'm pretty sure he didn't know who James Carville was. "You know, the professional political operative that was instrumental in getting Clinton elected? He's married to Mary Matalin? He's a Democrat and she's a Rebublican?"


I sighed. I think he thought that I was getting a little excited. "Never mind."

"Heh heh," he said. That's what he says when he's glad I'm going back to my cube and not bugging him anymore.

ANYWAYS. Here's the proof (click on the He Said, She Said link on the top right hand side).