Dim Sum Diaries
Here are the top 5 things that Mir did over the July 4 weekend:

5. Watched Spiderman 2 three times!

4. BBQ'd with the family and spent time with the kiddies.

3. Got some solid writing time in. Attempted to write first lurrrrrrrve scene. You really have appreciate my effort in trying this. Does the couple have cheesy porn music playing in the background? Is the scene really explicit like Susan Johnson? Or is it lushly passionate in a well-written way like Lisa Kleypas? Or is it like that scene in Naked Gun, where it's just a montage of rockets, missle silos and fireworks and the like? After one stops hyperventilating over the initial he put his what on where and then she did the whatsit on thingamajingy????? Its not that bad...really...its...just interesting...

2. Despite my doctor's strict instructions not to lift anything heavy, I may have lifted a 60 lb box that I wasn't supposed to, injuring myself in the process. Must call doc on Tuesday morning. :(

1. Rested!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!