Dim Sum Diaries
Kerry and Edwards. Don't they look cute together?

Finally, something to get excited about. Why do I think Kerry and Edwards should win? Kerry said it himself, "This is the dream team. We have better ideas, better vision, a better sense of the difficulties in the lives of average Americans.''

He then paused and added, "And we have better hair.''

Here's an interesting book that I'll probably pick up today,
The Latest Bombshell by Michele Mitchell (a CNN correspondent). Its a fictional story about Washington intrigue. Girlfriend has to defend journalist ex, who is accused of selling secrets to the Chinese. Those crazy Chinese (I can say that because I am)!!!!!! Erm. Chinese. And probably crazy. :p

Speaking of crazy, I like to drive Hubby crazy. :)

I've been listening to a lot of Don Henley recently. I really dig the song "Taking You Home" (listen to the sample...its beyootifulll). I've told my daughter that that song is the song I thought about when she was born. I get all sniffly when I listen to it. I was (and still am convinced) that Hubby would too.

So the other night we were driving to see Spiderman 2 (me for the 3rd time, Hubby for the second). I was like, "Listen to this song! I think you'll cry for joy when you hear it!"

"Whatever you say, dear," Hubby said.

So I made him listen to it, staring intently into his visage, searching for any drop...any glimmer...of tears...

"There! I see one! You're dewey eyed! You're tearing up!! You love this song so much!!!!"

He looked at me askance. "No, I'm not crying yet."

I stuck my face an inch next to his (he's driving this whole time btw) and stared at him continuously.

"There's one!!!"

"Nope, not yet."

The song ends. I see a faint smirky expression from Hubby.

"Guess what, we're going to listen to the song again! I'm absolutely sure you'll cry with emotion this time," I say determinedly.

We drive away into the sunset, with Hubby heaving a deep sigh with Don singing soulfully in the background.