Dim Sum Diaries
Just a quick little posty today. Can I just say how much I lurrrrve the weekends?

Had hair done. No more redhead (it was like stoplight red apparently). Decided to go with a warm, blonde tone.

Pronouncement from mother: Looks better, not so funky now.

Got an email from HR (Human Resources) at work last week. I get to take a 2 hour online sexual harrassment course (with a test at the end!!). Everyone on my team was laughing at me because I was the only one that got the email. Apparently I am a sexual harrasser. Then one by one, everyone else on my team got the same email. We're all sexual harrassers!!!! I plan on taking it today, but so far the curriculum reminds me of something like this. Sigh.

In other news, I plan on taking a close look at some cool recipes from Loobylu. That girl has got it goin' on. Yay, butter chicken!!!!