Dim Sum Diaries
Thanks to lovable Hubby, I am able to steal away for a few hours to get some writing in. Its this cool bakery called Panera (I'm too lazy to provide the linky) and they offer free WiFi!

Wow...this is so cool. So now I am here...sipping some iced green tea and blogging away. Yeah, I'm going to actually write next. I just had to bask in the glory of technology for a moment.

Which reminds me...next time I try to pick the names of characters, I shouldn't pick names off of a business card of associates I will deal with often. In this case, I couldn't think of any cool sounding names...so happened to glance at my cube wall, saw my vet's business card (for my dog Max, not me...I don't need a vet). There were six vets with interesting sounding names, so I happily raided their names for use.

Then a week later of course, I have to take el doggo to the vet. Its early Saturday morning, I'm kind of out of it. Max and I are sitting in the exam room. The vet slips in.

"Hello, I'm Dr. Kagan," she said to me.

I stare at her blankly for a moment. Kagan? I have to shake my head and remember that Kagan is not the evil bastard who wants to destroy the heroine's life...its just the vet.

"Yes!" I chirp a little too enthusiastically. "Dr. Kagan. The vet. Dr. Kagan. Of course..."