Dim Sum Diaries
Hmm...I think I kind of went on a book buying binge yesterday.

I zoomed out at 9:30 last night to Walmart because I read on a bbs that Julia Quinn's When He Was Wicked was on display!! Bagged the book and spent the next 2.5 hours devouring every word of it. Keep in mind that I usually go to bed by 9:00 pm because I have to get up at 4:00 am to go to work. But it was well worth it. Not only was it well written, but it conveyed a depth of emotion that had me sniffling the whole time. I loved it.

The next one to obsess over is coming out in November, which is Lisa Kleypas' book, Secrets of a Summer Night.

Of course earlier in the day, I stopped at the bookstore after work trying to find the aforementioned Julia Quinn book at Borders Books (they didn't have it). In a fit of desperation, I bought The Da Vinci Code on audio tape (sounded pretty good...do Sophie and Rob get together? Do they? Do they???) and Harvard's Education (Sigh...I love romances involving NAVY Seals).

Kiddies are well on their way to mirroring their Mom on their love of books, which is a good thing.

Why do I love reading books? Its definitely nice to immerse yourself and escape somewhere for a few hours. Why is writing even better (at least to me)? Because you can totally control the universe and the characters you create. Where you can determine the ending that takes place. In my book, its always a happy one where the hero and the heroine get together in the end. How I wish I could translate a happy ending to real life (see my prevous post).

Oh well, if all else fails, I can always read SAT Vocabulary novels. *shudder*