Dim Sum Diaries
Well, thats it. Hubby and I have talked about it for a long time, and it has finally come to pass.

We are moving to Sweden!!!!

Why? Because we are striking out to make our fortunes there!

And what do we have to do to become filthy rich in Sweden?

Why, dear reader, I am so glad you asked. First, Hubby has to wander the forests of Northern Sweden and look for some abandoned baby female moose calves.

Then he must tame them...and when they grow up, he will milk them (apparently it takes two hours per moose).

Then I, Farmer Mir will take that milk and make it into moose cheese, and sell it for $500 a lb.

And that is only the first step in my plan for world domination. Then I can concentrate on writing full time as Hubby takes over the moose cheese making business and then I will become a famous author...and win the Pulitzer Prize for best romance of the century...

Yeah okay...probably not but its always a good backup plan.

Speaking of weird things...I had a dream that I met fellow bloggers Kyren and Katia in Paris and we had tea. o_O

I think that's what happens when I get on these writing jags...my brain gets all loopy...

(shutup Rand).