Dim Sum Diaries
I'm at my parents' house this weekend, visiting for Father's Day. Surprisingly, its been pretty restful. Maybe its because I got to actually sleep in late (yay!) while my mother had to get up at the crack of dawn to feed the hungry horde (el kiddos). Its nice to get a break once in awhile. I also got some good writing time in. After a two week dry spell, I'm getting into the groove again, baby. I also got a chance to watch Dodgeball, with Ben Stiller. Its pretty damn funny.

I will now take a moment to reflect on my kids:

My daughter has now finished kindergarten and insists she is a first grader. "No more baby stuff for me!" she says. She is growing up so fast. I think she is also more advanced then me then I was when I was her age (does that make sense?). Riding a two wheeler without training wheels? It took her a day to figure it out (with Hubby's help). Me? It took me two weeks when I was 9!!!!!!

My son is in his terrible threes stage now. Sigh. He is trying to test his independence. I think he knows how to work the system (me). He'll come up to me and give me a big smacking kiss. "I love you mommy!" he yells and I completely melt. Then of course he has his devious side...where he somehow got a hold of my tube of lipstick (Mac, no less) and smeared it all over himself, his bed and his beside table (luckily not the wall). Deep sigh. My mom is into knitting hats for everyone so I suggested she knit my son this (via Loobylu).

Stinky butt sons are always the best form of birth control, I say.