Dim Sum Diaries
Just found out via the Avon Authors BBS that one of the regulars, Lydia Joyce got two offers for one of her manuscripts! That's wonderful news! She's been writing for awhile, even has her own website. This is what she wrote on the bbs:

TWO houses want to make me an offer. That's right. TWO. I made an idiot of myself when Carrie Feron called--I got about 3 hours of sleep last night and so I babbled like a moron because I REALLY wasn't expecting anything this late in the day :-)--but she didn't want to drop me for it, amazingly. *g*

Anyhow, I'm so overwhelmed. I have worked on this book so long and so hard, and I've believed in it and all my other work and myself so fiercely that I can't quite handle the fact that other people believe in, too. I've been wound up for so long with forcing myself to be certain, bone-deep, that I would make it despite everything because no one else would be certain for me. And now that I don't HAVE to believe anymore, it's like it was the only thing that was holding me together.

I'm going to be gloriously happy in an hour or so, as soon as I manage to put myself together again. Until then, I'd better hide from my poor son, who will think that I've lost it. *g*

Now she thinks I'm a total stalker...lol. But her good news just gives me hope. And the belief that you have to be confident in yourself...which is necessary in order to sustain the entire writing process.

Congratulations, Lydia!