Dim Sum Diaries
What do you do if you are a hot, hip 32 year old girl whose got it going on on a Friday night? That also happens to be married and have 2 kids? Why, you surf the internet of course! Or in my case, you narcisstically (is that even a word?) read your old blog entries. Actually, its pretty interesting because it gives you an idea of what you were doing or going through last year or whenever.

One thing I have noticed though is that the older this blog gets, the more the quality of the writing goes down. I used to put so much energy into thinking of creative things to write. Now its pretty much the odd jokey link or "Hey this is yet another I'm on partial hiatus post!!!" :p

I sent off my contest entry today, so that's pretty significant news (to me anyways). Hopefully it won't take too long before I get a response back. It is the first chapter of my manuscript, in which Dan & Kate meet. The story is turning out to be significantly different then the blog serial story of Dan & Kate. A small part of me arrogantly declares that of course I'm going to place, how could I not?. That's probably just wishful thinking though. :p Writing and revising seems rather to be like giving birth...its a painful process (for me). Oh look the baby is out...but its not right...stuff the baby back in and re-birth all over again! Countless times...

Today at work, a baby crow (more like teenager crow who is almost adult but can't fly yet) fell out of its nest. The momma crow was sitting in the tree nearby while the baby crow hopped around futilely. It couldn't get back into the nest. One of my co-workers decided to try to catch it to take it home and nurse it. She's apparently very good with birds. She took a large box, poked holes in the sides and went outside to catch the baby crow. All at once 15 pissed off adult crows swooped in and started CAH-CAWING really loudly in protest. They were swooping in, one flew in really low as if to attack my co-worker for messing with one of their own. My co-worker finally caught it and fed it some crackers. The baby crow immediately ate the entire cracker. It must have been hungry from hopping around all day. It was just an interesting sight to see all of those crows flying around. I didn't know crows were so socially connected.

I'm going to try and get some more writing done this weekend.