Dim Sum Diaries
I got home a little early from work today. Its pretty cool because it gives me time to chill out, do the chores that need to get done and cook a more elaborate meal then the usual dinner from the box.

Today's dinner is cornish game hens simmering in my Le Creuset pot along with some wine, chopped up onions, some fresh herbs (including rosemary from my own garden woo hoo!) and the juice and peel from one of my lemons (from my lemon tree!!!). Its cooking as we speak. In a bit I'll pop on the ubiquitous rice cooker.

Hubby's plaintive wailing: Do we have to eat rice with everything?

My response: Yes, dear we do. Because I'm Chinese. So suck it up! ;)

In other news, I'll be holding my breath until Sept. because I think that's when I'll hear a response from that writing contest. Sub-conscious is firmly blocked out any further attempts at writing, which is quite frustrating. I'm in a holding pattern...waiting to find out something. :p

Also, in another sad sign that I'm getting older and not as w/ the times as I'd like, I discovered the joys of text messaging today. I mean, this has been around for awhile, right? Sent Hubby some and to my surprise, he texted me back. Is texted even a word? :p