Dim Sum Diaries
Fres Burger gave me mad props! Yay! My life is now complete. Ha ha ha. Okay, now he thinks I'm a complete weirdo.

Which is okay, because I'm in quite a weird mood now.

One may ask, Mir, why are you not at boot camp right now? And my answer is, tomorrow is the last day of boot camp, and I'm driving back tomorrow. The unnamed motel it is being held at is a complete pit. Its yellow. The beds are hard and I'm lonely. No one is overly friendly. My roomate took off to her own house (I live 20 minutes away, I might creep back in late at night, she says). And the two girls who are my age are kinda doing their own little clique thing. God, its like grade school all over again. Both of these girls who have offered to be my critique partners in the past (one has a triangular shaped eyebrow but w/o the base line)...but they kinda fizzled out...I am tempted to make catty comments but refrain because I am mature. I am so much better then that. I will not sink to their level. Also, because I can't think of any good comeback lines.

After tonight's session, I was like...hmmm should I drive home and surf the internet, or should I stare out of my motel window, gazing longingly at the back of a 7-11 and some Italian restaurant that offers free delivery for hotel guests? Sigh.

Yeah yeah I'm complaining. The sessions have been VERY PRODUCTIVE though. Not only did I flesh out Dan and Kate's characters, but I fleshed out the plot and my homework is to write the entire plot out on little stickies so I can put them in order in a timeline or something. There is a published author and 4 people in my group and we spend about 1-2 hours on each person...discussing plot points and character. Its amazing how bloodthirsty you can be when you are discussing plot.

Me (discussing my book): Well, I was going to have Dan take some shrapnel in the leg in Iraq, so he comes back a wounded war hero. But I'm thinking that may not be enough. Okay, fine! Dan's gonna get his leg blown off and he'll have to get a prosthetic!

Triangular Eyebrow Chickie (discussing her book): Well, my heroine's sister-in-law is a total bee-otch, so she should go to jail in the end. I know! The hero kills evil bee-otch in the end! It will help with his emotional healing process...

So like I'll give you a more thorough update later. I mean...back to my partial hiatus. Yeah, like I'm so not gonna blog for a long time...so you'll just have to read the archives. Ha ha ha...