Dim Sum Diaries
Hmm...I can already tell this post is going to be somewhat rambly. So my dad calls me the other day.

"Hey," he said. "I read your blog! Are you okay? What happened to the kitchen???"

"Dad," I replied. "Its an April Fools joke."

"Are you sure? Because your mom did something like that awhile ago...and I was like...like mother like daughter!"


So my parents come visit me today and of course my dad has to inspect the kitchen to make sure its not all blackened or something like that. Sigh.

I was reading the lovely Katia's blog, who always has wonderful descriptions of food. So of course now I am totally hungry. So maybe I'll talk about my mom cooking won tons last night. Basicaly you take ground pork, mix in an egg, oyster sauce, soy sauce and some chopped vegetables (like bok choy or napa cabbage). You mix it all up and let it marinate for awhile. Then you take won ton skin wrappers, put a dab of meat in the middle of a square and moisten the edges of the skin to fold it in half. So it is a little triangle. After you make a few, you gently lower them in boiling water, letting it cook for less then five minutes. The smell is wonderful and reminds me of when I was growing up and my mom was cooking back then too.

Its yummy to eat after you dab a bit of oyster sauce on it. Lo-Gung and my dad like to have contests regarding who can eat the most (my dad holds the record at 70). They like it with their own special sauce...a mixture of Siracha, rice vinegar and soy sauce and oyster sauce. o_O

I think I must be a big baby at heart, cuz I love it when my Mom & Dad visit and coddle me, their 32 year old daughter. :p

In other news, got in some good writing time yesterday. I was very tempted to go and check out Operation Neptune Shield, mostly to meet the famous Lt. Smash. Though he falls on the conservative side of the spectrum politically, he has a good blog. In fact, ONS seemed to be a we conservatives support our troops sort of counter protest to the anti-war protestors holding rallies that day...

So I decided to sit my butt down and concentrate on writing instead...

My dad brought his camera, mayhap I'll try to find something interesting to take a pic of later...