Dim Sum Diaries
If I was still actively blogging, I'd say go check out Fres Burger's blog cuz it all good and stuff like that.

Too bad I'm not actively blogging. ;)

Further proof that I'm a geek:

I'm supposed to bring a pencil to Writer's Boot Camp. Dude, I'm 32. I haven't written anything with a pencil since like college. I limit myself strictly to pens and laptops and a Palm Pilot stylus. So like I'm supposed to bring a pencil right. Never mind that my daughter has bajillions of glittery, sparkly old school (wooden) #2 pencils. I go to Walmart...and the geek imperative within me awakens...I stop by the school supply aisle and am instantly drawn to...wait for it...DUM DUM DUM!!!! MECHANICAL PENCILS!!! And not just any type...the special type. The futuristic looking type. Screw you, 0.7 mm...you suck ass. No. Only 0.5 mm for me! I'm a lead smaller size snob! After carefully inspecting each mechanical pencil...I chose one...what a geek am I. But not really because I didn't buy the accompanying pocket protector...I almost did...but luckily I barely stopped myself...I love my blinged out mechanical pencil...my dawgz gonna all be jealous of it...

So why is that when try Cribz-speak I sound like a dork?