Dim Sum Diaries

Oye (Lame Title But I Can't Think Of Anything Else)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paul reminded me of something I heard on NPR the other day, about the Pew Internet and American Life Project. They released this report that only 2% of those surveyed maintain web logs. I was surprised at how low the number is.

Tis almost a year since I've started blogging on The Dim Sum Diaries. I had just turned 31...the terror...the trauma of getting older...I had to do something drastic...I had my hair colored!! And I turned to blogging. I try to post something every other day. And though I don't reveal all aspects of my life, I do talk about some of it. What I'm going through daily, linking to something funny or if I'm feeling strongly about something, blogging seems to help me get through life.

So in a few weeks I'm turning 32. I can definitely say that blogging has been a positive experience. I've met a bunch of new people and been exposed to some cool blogs. Some of the news that I read on the main news websites, I find out about sooner on blogs. I'm writing on a daily basis and now at least I have 3500 words towards a manuscript that I didn't have a year ago. Now if I could just win the lottery, find the cure for cancer and achieve world peace, life would be good. :p

More: I forgot to add that I want to thank all the readers of DSD for being so supportive and loyal. From those who have been there from the beginning, to those who have recently found my 'lil corner of the web (there, I actually used the term!), y'all definitely make the blogging experience more enjoyable.

Also, I always thought I was an open person emotionally...liking to talk about my feelings and all that stuff...but it turns out I really don't. I keep a lot of stuff inside me...but sometimes blog about it. There's something vaguely disturbing when Lo-Gung and my parents find out more about me...my thoughts and feelings...by reading the blog then by talking to me in person. Go figure.