Dim Sum Diaries
Bloggers are a tightly-knit community. At least it seems so to me. You have your certain list of daily reads, sometimes you find a cool new blog by accident. You link to them, comment on one of their entries, they make their way back to your website and perhaps comment or show the link love to you as well. Sometimes you get to be buddies and you actually establish a relationship with them (sometimes its halfway around the world). You actually get to know the person, etc etc etc.

Maybe its a blog you read on a semi-regular basis, you don't know each other, but you know of each other's blogs, much like an acquaintance.

Either way, I think it is really cool.

Just found out via Lt. Smash that Bob Zangas, a blogger who was a Marine Corps Reservist working in a civilian capacity for the Coalition Provisional Authority, was killed last Wednesday in an ambush south of Baghdad.

I didn't know him, but it becomes more personal for me because this guy and I had something in common, we are both bloggers. People are paying their final respects here.