Dim Sum Diaries
I didn't realize how conservative some of the older Asians at my company, a mid-sized one based in the Midwest really were...until recently...so remember I blogged about my friend, the older, more conservative/traditional Vietnamese lady (who was not born here) from my work?

I still delight in freaking her out from time to time. Like one time, she was getting something out from a drawer at the office supply area. I walk up behind her and in a deep, booming voice, I say, "Nice skirt there, sexy mama!" She jumps up and turns around, ready to bash someone on the head, then sighs when she sees its only me. You think that she would know who calls her sexy mama by now. Of course, delighting in scandalizing the older people with your newfangled Americanized ways (albeit sometimes unintentionally) can sometimes come back to bite you in the ass...

So anyways, she and I power-walk together from time to time. Three other traditional, older Asian males usually walk with us too. Since its been pretty warm lately, I decided to wear this racer-back tank sports top to walk. I wore a t-shirt over it (fearing comments from the more conservative people) in the office, but as soon as we hit outside, I took the t-shirt off.

As soon as we start walking, the three guys see the tank top and start chattering in Cantonese about the fact that I'm wearing a tank top. I give them the EYE and say, "Hello, I can only understand everything you guys are saying!!!"

Silence ensues. T speaks up. "Oh...we were just wondering about your tattoo on your right shoulder."

"You mean the butterfly with my Chinese name?"

"Yes," the three stooges chorus together in scandalized delight. "We were discussing what it means in Chinese."

"It means beautiful clouds. Sheesh. Its only a tatoo."

Of course then we had to have a full and deep discussion about whether getting a tatoo hurt or not. One of the guys had the audacity to ask whether I had any more tattoos in any other places. I wondered if "Shut the hell up" would be an appropriate repsonse but then I just ignored him.

Next time I'm gonna wear one of these shirts to work instead.

In other news:

Thanks to everyone for voting for me in BlogMadness, it was a spirited round with Interested-Participant. The final round is coming up soon.

Also, tomorrow is the 1st year anniversary of DSD, so look for a neato, nifty surprise tomorrow!

Update: Couldn't resist posting this interesting analysis (real player) of Karl Rove's strategy to re-elect Bushy.