Dim Sum Diaries
Mrs. Giggles is da bomb. I recently read one of her reviews, which reminded me of the badly written romance that I blogged about before.

Apparently, it involves the hero named Ronin and the heroine in flagrante delicto...while Ronin is riding a horse...at least I hope he's riding the horse, not RIDING the horse...nudge nudge...wink wink...

his c**k immediately sprang free, almost purple with passion, the veins along the shaft pulsing... he shoved his massive member into the delicate, pinkening center... his harsh sound and clenched thighs angered the horse and he again rose up in a tremendous rear.

Mrs. Giggles points out, "This scene is really impressive because not only can I not determine which animal, human or horse, Ronin is "shoving his massive member" into, but delicate, pinkening center? What on earth is that?"

And before the male slaves boo and hiss about romances, I might remind you that you've read several already at my behest (DAN AND KATE!!!). So ha ha.