Dim Sum Diaries
I used to have a lot of energy to write meaningful blog entries. However, that stream of creative energy is now being used for other things, so I'm reduced to blogging about how I used to blog.

Me still writing manuscript. That's pretty much it. BTW, how does one write a "battle" scene when one has never been in a battle? My gut tells me to add more explosions. How does one move the plot along? Add more explosions. How does one navigate through life's stresses? Add more explosions... I'm not really doing that, btw.

So instead I will link to more pictures of delish Japanese food.

Also, for the more liberally inclined DSD readership, Noam Chomsky has a blog!!! Naturally Noam is gonna get a lot of wacky comments (some people have waaaaaaaaay too much time on their hands).

(both links via Main Primary Objective).