Dim Sum Diaries
This weekend is going to be hella busy. Tomorrow my romance group and I are having dinner with an AGENT. A live agent! So that's pretty exciting. Everyone attending the dinner gets the chance to make a quick verbal pitch to aforementioned agent. So basically you have to sum up the heart and soul of your story in a few lines. Some of the published authors were kind enough to provide an example via email...

I'm writing a pirate historical romance set in Colonial America and the high seas. A pirate's daughter goes in search of riches promised in a treasure map, unaware that the handsome rogue who assists her is really the man who killed her father.

This is actually from the coverflat of this author's latest book. And so it is with some trepidation that I begin to craft these few integral sentences that will determine my entire future...no...no pressure at all... o_O

Here are a few that I've rejected so far:

Forrest Gump style:

Dramatic Movie/Romance style:
From the hot desert sands of Iraq to the romantic city of Paris to the jungles of Berkeley, California....the romance of Kate and Dan burned with the intensity of a thousand fires...their passion, the strength of 10 tigers!!!...could not be denied..........

Yeah ok, maybe I should concentrate on the actual pitch itself.

So then my birthday is coming up on Monday. Quite traumatic. I've been freaking out...don't ask...its a long story...