Dim Sum Diaries

When Mir Stresses Out...People Die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, that's not really true, but it does seem that when I stress big time, I tend to get distracted. And then weird things happen.

But first I want to wish my Dad a happy Birthday today. Happy Birthday, Dad!! I hope you liked your present. :)

So today during my lunch hour I went to fill up my car with gas. However, I still had 50 minutes to kill before going back to work. There was a Whole Foods Market nearby, so I decided to go there and hang. I had the vague notion of stocking up on dry goods for the rest of the week. I went in and wandered around the aisles awhile. I gradually realized that this wasn't the Whole Foods Market I was used to. The market called itself "Wholesome Foods" market. Trickers. Oh sure there were still organic goods for sale, along with the stuff you see in every regular market. But on each aisle there were also a good amount of authentic Middle-Eastern and Asian goods. This wasn't the Americanized version of Asian goods either, it was the serious whole product is in Japanese and thus can't ascertain its use stuff. I was completely fascinated.

I think I had the most fun in the beauty section. They sold some Kiss My Face bath products (totally cool), so I picked up a couple of bottles. Eventually, I made my way over to the deli section. A lot of it was Persian food. Nestled in-between the electric samovars and rack of Middle-Eastern Music (my favorite was the bearded man with sunglasses promising Naked Nights) was a refrigerated shelf of drinks. One that looked promising was Zam Zam!, a milky yogurt soda. There was mint flavor and original flavor. Deciding that I needed to try something new, I decided to get the Zam Zam! original flavor.

I paid for my purchases and made my way to my car. Once inside, I excitedly got out the Zam Zam!. Shake gently, the label cautioned. I shook it heartily to make sure the yogurty goodness was evenly distributed. I untwisted the cap and suddenly the bottle exploded and milk white liquid sprayed everywhere. A string of colorful curses erupted from me. Some liquid got on my face (let's not make the obvious jokes here please) but my jacket got the worse of it. Luckily my dress clothes were spared. -_-

Most of it had already spurted out, but I had to have a taste anyways. I gingerly sipped some...and it was gross. It tasted like sour yogurt. I don't know, maybe I thought it would taste like soy milk or something.

So anyways, that was my lunch hour.

Note to self: don't buy any more mysterious bottles of Zam Zam! yogurt soda then shake like mad unless you want to get a faceful.