Dim Sum Diaries
Mir is emotionally soppy. Mir is tired, that's why she doesn't write any new creative entries. She chooses only to spread the link lovie around. Maybe its because Mir experienced another romance novel binge this weekend (which makes for a very happy Lo-Gung, but that is besides the point).

So here is today's link love:

1) I never really got into Strong Bad, but this particular one is pretty funny. What can I say, I'm an Infocom dork. Also, you know you are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay dated when I Love The 80s is your new favorite show.


2) I am feeling somewhat depressed about the current political situation in the U.S. I mean seriously, everyone is bitch-slapping the Democratic frontrunner, Howard Dean. On top of that, his head looks like my thumb. Or big toe. Its up for debate.

3) January 27, 2004 is the red-letter day. It is the day that Again The Magic, by Lisa Kleypas comes out. Yay!!!! And before any male dares to even comment upon this...I'd like to remind you that you've just read a ROMANCE *cough*Dan&Kate*cough* and you LOVED IT. So there. ;)