Dim Sum Diaries
What happens when you buy a fabu cookbook from amazon.co.uk but are unfamiliar with some of the British cooking terms used? For example, wth is a courgette? (its also French, yes I know) Do you look it up on the internet? Do you go to your fave chatroom and bug the hell out of the lone Brit guy in there (ha ha GM) until he caves and tells you what it is?

Nay. You look at the recipe ingredient list and compare it against the inset photo of your chosen dish until you get it by process of elimination.

Carrots? Check.

Fish? Check.

Chicken broth? Check.

Spring onions? Check.

Turns out a courgette is a zuchinni. I'm still trying to figure out what Weetabix is.

Plus, Brits have the coolest slang. I'm quite fascinated by it and have tried to incorporate it into my every day speech, with little success. For example, I called that same Chinese restaurant (see entry below) one day, all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, eager to practice some phrases I learned from various BBC America programs.

Pick-Up Stix Guy: Hello.

Me: Yes, I'd like to order some TAKE-AWAY (aka take-out) please.

Pick-Up Stix Guy: Huh?

Me: *Sigh* I said I want some take-out. Oh come on! Its such a doddle! Stop the flim-flam you git! Now I'm hacked off!! (okay I didn't say the stuff in italics but it makes for more interesting reading, don't you think)