Dim Sum Diaries
Yes....yes...just like Strongbad, I too get email from the seven readers of DSD from time to time.

And, like StrongBad, I will try to answer each email as honestly and thoroughly as I can. So without further ado, lets get started:

Dear Mir,

Even if you were illiterate, I would still visit your blog everyday!! In fact, if you were illiterate, you could just run a photoblog and that would be so cool! But luckily you are not illiterate. But you should start a photoblog anyways. And that would be so cool!!!

Toronto, Canada

PS - Is it a bad thing to stand in the freezing cold with no jacket on for 6 hours at night?

Here is my response:

Dear Rand_T (does the T stand for Toronto?),

Thank you for your email. Funny that you should mention a photoblog. In fact, I did start a photoblog today! I took some pics and posted them just tonight!


PS - I highly recommend getting a jacket of the Polartec variety.