Dim Sum Diaries
Well its Chinese New Years Eve here. For me, it means a chance to share cultural traditions with my family. Since I live in Not That Many Asians Live In Da Hood-Landia (though ironically it was voted Chinese Food Capital of CA by some local paper, go figure), we don't actually celebrate it at my house. Why? do you ask? Why don't you have a giganto celebration at your house, Mir? Because I don't live close to a Chinese food market and I usually wait to go the da 'rents house to do all the celebrating.

However, I will put up a few "decorations", perhaps clean the house tonight (not supposed to clean the house or take a bath the day of). I also indulged in my own New Year's "cleansing" ritual, which meant getting my hair cut, colored, eyebrows waxed, etc etc etc. A girl needs to look her best for Chinese New Year. :)

This weekend we will be heading to my parents house. There will be a big parade, a great opportunity for el kiddos to see the Lion Dance.

Here is a gallery of some of the sights and sounds that one may encounter during Chinese New Year (I don't live in S.F., but it gives you a good idea of the old school stuff that is pretty cool). Plus I get to pig out at my favorite restaurants.

By the by, Again The Magic was an EXCELLENT book. It was an emotionally intense book about a second chance at love (A good review of it is here). Though by the end, I wanted to slap the heroine Aline. I wanted to tell her to get over herself and just get with McKenna already, but of course it had a happy ending. And that is the most important thing.