Dim Sum Diaries
I decided to pick up some take-out Chinese from the local PUS. Whilst at the counter...I had the following conversation with the guy taking my order:

PUS Guy: Here is your change, ma'am. Order for Carol!! Order for Carol is ready!!

a few seconds later...

PUS Guy: Carol? Carol? Oh, its Carl. Order for Carl!!!

Carl picks up his order amidst much kitchen noise...

Me: Uh, is my order ready yet?

PUS Guy: *genuinely baffled* What??? Why did you call me an idiot??? I don't even know you!

Me: *arches an eyebrow* I said, is...my...order...ready...yet?

PUS Guy: Oh. Yes it is.

Me: I didn't call you an idiot.

PUS Guy: Oh yeah. I knew that.