Dim Sum Diaries
Bah, I'm stuck at work today and Blogger was down for awhile. Then I was frustrated because I thought of all these cool things to write about. Now that I'm sitting at my computer, my brain has completely blanked out. Typical. Sigh.

The family Christmas party last weekend was a complete success. Aunt S, taking my cue from last year, went all out to buy some outrageous white elephant gifts. I still had some male-ass wrapping paper leftover from last year, so my contributions of a phallically shaped shot glass and Viagra joke pills were easily identifiable in the gigantic pile of elegantly wrapped gifts. We ate and soon everyone took a number to pick a gift of their choice. My male cousin C got a tube of bright red lipstick (it’s his color) and another male cousin R received an over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder (32B). Hopefully he'll put it to good use. Aunt G was the lucky recipient of the shot glass and I don't remember who got the pills. But it was great fun!

I also went on a book-buying binge, so that my TBR (to be read) pile of books is waist high. If you look in my room, Lo-Gung's side of the bed is pretty neat, perhaps with a book or two and a picture of his grandmother. Sometimes during the weekend I'll lay on his side of the bed to read and I'll see how many romances I can stack on his nightstand until he notices and moves them back to my side of the bed again. I think 7 romance books is the current record. To give you a picture of how bad my book-spree was, I can just imagine the financial news reporter on NPR saying:

And in other news, BN shares went up sharply when a lone buyer purportedly went on a massive book binge, the likes of which have never been seen before!

That was me. :p

I still haven't touched my laptop yet. I've only re-installed the OS, but haven't gotten around to anything else. That's how crazy my life is right now.

And in even other news, Paul's Atomized Jr blog referenced a couple of my entries (woo hoo!). Its always gratifying to see someone who thinks your blog is cool enough to reference. He writes:

Should web loggers strive to be resolutely A-literary in their writing. Carefully compartment themselves as techbloggers, warbloggers, or photobloggers, in order to avoid their motives and aspirations being questioned for their commitment to and converscence in the history of literary ideas. Or like the Brown Recluses I keep finding in my apartment, should we just look for a warm-air draft and try to stand our ground, eight feet on the floor, through the winter of dis(claimed)content.

It made me think about my own purpose in keeping a blog. DSD obviously doesn't fit into the aforementioned categories, nor is it strictly a day-in-the-life-of-Mir blog. There are some literary elements to it. Also a bit of political opinion, but definitely not a political pundit blog. Who knows. At this point I find myself writing to express whatever impulse may be stewing in my brain on a given day. And that's it.

Man, could this entry be more rambly? ^_^