Dim Sum Diaries
She stared intently at the results of her hours of work and was very pleased indeed. It just needed a little tweaking here and there and it was finally done. Now all she had to do was put out a bit of bait and hopefully they would come in droves. To visit HER creation. Her blog.

When no one initially came, she decided to bring the mountain to Mohammed. Her first stop was the rt chatroom she frequented. After a few not so subtle hints, the first wave converged. They were the rt chat guys that she frequently hung out with. They buzzed in noisily and with great obnoxiousness, yet they enthusiastically validated her hours of work and effort (It is worth noting that Rand, Ferr, GM, Ender, Effy Weffy, ABA, Cyc and many others were great supporters from the very beginning). As many others were drawn to the web she had created, and began to interact with her on a regular basis, it seemed as if a mini-family within her blog had formed, and it gave her great pleasure and joy to get to know people and write the things she wanted to write...

Read the rest of this meandering story here. Its an interesting commentary on blogs. :)