Dim Sum Diaries
I've been following Margaret Cho's blog and it seems that a lot of her latest posts have been responses to letters people send her.

Then I went into a jealous rage (demonstrated by running to the nearest vending machine for some chocolate) because I was thinking, damn, why don't people send me long ass emails about the evils/non-evils of Thanksgiving??? I would totally post the letter and respond with the wit and wisdom that is Mir!

Well that's what happens when you are an unknown Asian chick living in Southern Cal. with a blog that has about 50 visitors a day. So if someone wants to send me a long email about something, I will respond. I stand at the ready. Bring it on, baby!

Damn, I'm tired. Almost time to go home from work and cook my delicious ham/potato potage for dinner (a recipe I made up myself).