Dim Sum Diaries

Lo-Gung recently asked what I wanted for Christmas, and I said I wanted this latest by James Carville. His is a pretty cool story. He was a key figure in getting Prez Clinton elected. He met his future wife, Mary Matalin, who served as political director for President George Bush's (Senior) reelection campaign in 1992. They dated each other through the campaign (even though technically they were political enemies). After Clinton won, they got married. Sigh. Yeah, yeah I know. Trust me to find the romantic angle of a hard-hitting political book.

Here is one interesting factoid, Mary Matalin called James Carville a "snakehead" when they were dating because of his head shape. He really does look like a snakehead, doesn't he? A snakehead with a make-up job for this book cover! ;)