Dim Sum Diaries
If you have a blog, it is a known fact that you will invariably hit the wall when it comes to writing interesting entries. Today I ran out of ideas. My past few entries seem like total crap. Mostly they link to other people's blogs. People who are way wittier then me and actually have something interesting to say. Sometimes I will be inspired to write some good stuff (see the Favorites section). But today, nothing brilliant and deep comes to mind.

In general, I blog about my day to day to life. Maybe today's entry will be one of the following:

Idea #1:

This weekend I had my haircut cut boyishly short. Its stylish, yet very sleek. However, Lo-Gung, who is part of the "I Prefer My Woman With Long Hair" Men's Club, started referring to me as "Max", as a reference to my short haircut. He made a smartass comment and then I came back with a witty retort. It was quite amusing. In other news, I listened to more soppy love songs.

Idea #2:

Or maybe I could make some witty comments on some political or social situation. I could be like Eddie Izzard! Except I'm not a guy. And I'm not a transvestite (though with my latest haircut some would say I'm on my way). And I think he may be somewhat prettier then me as well *SOB*. And I may be not as witty either. Sometimes I'll hear some joke or spiel on The Daily Show or on NPR. Then I'll be like, Wow! That's so funny! I should blog about that!

Mir: Hey, did you guys hear (via Marketplace) about The Nightmare On Wall Street? You know that story about Freddie Mac slashing Fannie Mae? Yeah? Yeah? Its about the scandal concerning the two companies you see...

Blog Audience: ...

Mir: Doh...

Idea #3:

My company sponsored a Diversity Potluck last week. However, everyone (including me) got a little tipsy/drunk on the Boeuf Bourguignon that one guy brings because he puts 100 proof vodka in it to "enhance" the flavor, but the alcohol never evaporated.

I tell him that it should be renamed Irish Stew instead of the French name. Isn't that funny????

Idea #4:

Or I could be totally obnoxious and find some guy's blog whose political views are the opposite of mine. I would email him and tell him "You suck!" then blog about it. Then when the guy emails me back, I'll post his reply on my blog and also include my supposed brilliant rejoinder. Then when the guy gets all pissed off, say "Geez, where is that guy's sense of humor?"


Well what do you know, I filled up enough space for an entire blog entry. How snazzy is that? :p