Dim Sum Diaries
As an update to my various relatives discovering I blog (about them no less!), here's a humorous article you should check out.

I'm feeling pretty soppy today. Whilst at work, I'm listening to Yahoo! LaunchCast, which plays various songs I like. First, while listening to Christopher Cross's Sailing (late '70s/early '80s soft rock), I'm sniffling.

What a romantic song, I tell myself.

Next comes Queen's Another One Bites The Dust, and I'm all rockin' all like the cool chick I am. Yeah. Mo schnizzle my nizzle and all that jazz. Yeah.

I also think I mentioned before that when I am concentrating on something, such as writing this blog entry, I totally tune everyone/everything else out. Thus I scare VERY EASILY, much to the delight of my co-workers (and Lo-Gung when we were dating). So I'm typing this blog entry, and an evil co-worker walks up to my cube.

"BOO!" she says. I jump out of my chair and yelp, "Oh Sh*t!"

Another busybody co-worker walks up to my cube. "Did you just sneeze? I didn't know you added Oh Sh*t as part of your sneezing repetoire???"

Aforementioned evil co-worker has to put in her two cents. "No, I just scared her. All I have to do is walk into her cube and stand there. Its that easy!"

Oh yeah??? Well you're gonna get it now Aforementioned Evil Co-Worker and Busybody Co-Worker! I'm gonna blog about you! Then you'll really get it!!

OMG, Chicago's You're My Inspiration just came on...time to sniffle again...


Blogger has answers on how to deal if you are single and live at home and your Mom finds out about your scandalous blog! No Lou, I'm not talking about you (really).