Dim Sum Diaries
I think I hit the wall today in terms of information overload. No more checking CNN or MSNBC today. No more listening to NPR driving to and from work (Though I see the irony in providing links to the very websites I'm attempting to ignore). My car radio will be tuned to the local classical radio station or my fave The Corrs CD.

Mir, the Super Leaf-Hunter

Instead of dwelling on how depressing the news is, I'll concentrate on helping my daughter with her homework. She is supposed to gather "the various colored leaves of fall" (the homework paper says 'How many red, yellow, orange and brown leaves are there?') and graph them. Keep in mind this is Southern California (known for its mild climes and lack of change of season). All of the trees around me are GREEN. Or brown because the tree is dead. That's pretty much it. There may be the odd tree that actually sheds non-green-color-other-then-brown leaves, but I probably have to drive around the city like a mofo to find one.

Mir Needs A Vacation

I'm looking forward to the anniversary vacay Lo-Gung and I are taking in a few weeks. Since I'll be away from the blog for a few days, I've asked Kyren to be a guest blogger and post an entry/entries around the first week of November. She's really sweet, and I am very excited about it.

The Things In My Head

After I posted Part 3, I carried this feeling of secret satisfaction all weekend. Simply stated, it was that:

I am a writer.

Granted, still an aspiring one. But I feel more confident in trying to complete a manuscript.

In the meantime, I am suffering from withdrawal symptoms because one of my favorite blogs hasn't posted an entry in weeks.

Bah, that's it for now. I told you this entry was disjointed. :p