Dim Sum Diaries
Rumors have been circulating at work for the past few days. The bigwigs are coming. There may be possible layoffs. I'd known since last week and though I tried not to stress about it, the fear of losing my job always loomed. Like some black cloud following me around.

And guess who came to our office today...the big wigs. A total of 6 7 people were laid off. Luckily I wasn't one of them.

The people who were laid off were given 10 minutes to clear their desks and escorted out of the building. The entrance to our office is now locked 24/7 and is accessible only by keycard. Everyone is pretty freaked out now.

Its time to possibly explore my options job-wise (despite the sucky economy). I'd love to just quit and stay home with the kids and be able to devote my time to writing, but we need the money.

Today sucks.