Dim Sum Diaries
I told myself not to blog today. I've been feeling under the weather lately, and am not in any mood to write creatively (thus delaying Part 3 even further). Yet here I am, typing away because I am so addicted to this blogging thing.

So read Pob's Blog. He is a great writer and his latest entry (actually all of them are) is touching and well-written.

Note to self: Self, if you are depressed, do not listen to the Internet radio love-songs channel all day. It doesn't cheer Self up.

6:04 pm Update:

Guess who called me?

*Cue West Wing theme music*

Martin Sheen!

Granted it was a prerecorded message urging me to vote no on the recall. But now I have a great bragging story to tell drunk people at parties!

After dinner, me, Hubby and the kids are gonna go vote (not the kids).