Dim Sum Diaries
I discovered a new mil blog, Boots On Ground, over the weekend. I've added it to my list of Daily Reads and will be visiting it often.

I love living in California, but it means I have a front row seat to all the recent craziness. First there was the recall election. I wasn't at all surprised when Ah-nold won the governorship. It was as the prophecy (all who star in this will become governor) foretold, confirmed when Jessie Ventura first became governor of MN. I wonder which state will be lucky enough to have this guy as governor.

Then there were the supermarket strikes I mentioned before. Now we have these extreme wildfires. All over Southern California, the sky is brown and thick with ashes and smoke. Lo-Gung's brother and sister-in-law live in an affected area, so they had to evacuate with only the clothes on their backs. They are currently staying with my in-laws, and had to go to the store to buy clothes and essentials.

On a brighter note, a friend I've known since childhood got married this weekend (Congrats A & C!). I missed the church wedding but made it to the Chinese Banquet held at the Universal Hilton.

(Predator spiel shamelessly borrowed from The Daily Show as my brain is still recovering from the gay bar adventure. Perhaps I'll blog more about these events later.)